For the longest time now, I’ve wanted to visit Chart Farm in Wynberg to wander among the roses and – best of all – pick a selection of my own to take back home.

But, on one condition: that my mom could come along, as her love for these fragrant blooms runs deep and connects with a tender nostalgia for the birthdays of her childhood in Piet Retief. Born on the 16th of November, my mom’s celebration of life falls slap-bang in the middle of peak rose season, which also happens to be most spectacular in the highveld areas of our country.

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So, it’s finally Friday and I’ve decided to bid the week farewell with these two awesome, somewhat nostalgic songs.  First up is Radical Face with Welcome Home. Thanks to my brother, Imar, for introducing me to this BEAUTIFUL music. The song is quite applicable as I will be heading to my parental home by the sea this weekend for some R&R.              Favourite line…Continue Reading “Happy Weekend!”