Burrowing Owls


Yes, yes, another post about owls, but jeepers these little fellows are so cute it would be wrong not to have them in the Monday Menagerie.

Burrowing Owls are tiny, long-legged, humongous-eyed birds that nest and roost in Рwait for it Рburrows. They are found throughout the open landscapes of North and South America and prefer open, dry areas with low vegetation such as grasslands, rangelands, agricultural areas, and deserts.

Unlike most other owls, they are particularly active during the day, only sticking to their burrows during the worst of the midday heat. However, they prefer hunting from dusk till dawn, like other owls. So, heaven knows what they do in those active hours during the day. From pictures it seems like they just hang around in ridiculously cute groups outside their burrows.


The Burrowing Owl is endangered in Canada, threatened in Mexico, and a species of special concern in Florida and most of the western USA.

What actually brought my attention to these adorbs little creatures, was a picture I spotted on the Telegraph’s Daily Photo gallery sometime last week.

The caption reads:

Two orphaned baby burrowing owls, nicknamed Linford and Christie, have moved into the home of their keeper Jimmy Robinson. The owlets were hatched in an incubator at Longleat Safari Park, Wiltshire, and are now being hand-reared by Jimmy. The native American birds, which get their name from living in small burrows in the wild, can find plenty of nooks and crannys about his flat to hide. “Tea cups and bookcases are a particular favourite,” says Jimmy, “but it’s good to see them developing their natural behaviour and they always seem to find me at meal times.” Read the full story at Daily Mail

So, if you’re wondering what to give me as a house warming gift (I’m moving into my new flat on Saturday), I have a lot of books and some tea cups. Think a Burrowing Owl will be perfect. Thanks.

Sleepy, sleepy owl

Most people who know me, know that if given half a chance, I would quit my day job and become the moonlight-loving zookeeper of a nocturnal menagerie. True story!

I just love the caliber of cuteness that seems to crawl out of the woodwork when the sun starts to set: bush babies, badgers, bat eared foxes, caracal, civet and cats of all sorts… not even to mention owls!

Oh owls! Of all the bright-eyed, large-eared, swift-footed, fast-winged critters that move about at night, owls are, without a doubt, my favourite. And, yes, I know… everyone else’s too!

And that is EXACTLY why you will LOVE this adorable video:

Now that you’re feeling all inspired, why not try this super easy DIY Owl Drawing tutorial? Or enter Gypsified’s hippy girl giveaway where you can win awesome Scarlett Boulevard jewellery, including a pretty owl and key earring.