Good advice

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I love how often the best advice comes at the most unlikely of times, from the most random of sources. During the weekend my cuzzie and I had one of these unexpected “light bulb (said in Despicable Me voice) moments” while partying it up in Boo Radley’s with some of her work buddies. While discussing the pros and cons of love and relationships we obviously happened upon the old favourite question of how to “find that someone” and one of the gentlemen (a fellow whose daily life keeps him busy with politics and democracy) imparted these words of wisdom:

“You have to open your mind – take up a hobby, read widely, spend time with different people – guard your heart and put your body off limits for as long as it takes for all those different parts of your being to be in sync again. Only then will you really be able to gauge the depth of your feelings accurately.

So, when you meet someone who makes something tingle in your mind, your heart will respond and eventually you may find that your body will be blessed like never before.”

And that from a political researcher, thanks Justin!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I thought it good to post a few romantic pics in celebration of LOVE. So, dear cynics, rather take your black hearts and bitter tongues elsewhere. Maybe here. Here. Or here.

A timely snap by acclaimed photgrapher, Malic Sidibe. Go read more about it here:


Amelie and Nino scooting through PARIS! From:

Maybe not love as such. But still kinda cute. From:

I’m the first to say Valentine’s Day is a load of commercial hogwash. But I’m also a fan of romance. So, I’d say… use this day to spoil the one you love with some old fashioned romantic gesture or two. Pick some flowers. Pack a picnic. Play putt putt.