Snaps: Swellendam & surrounds

It was the coldest weekend of the year so far during which I happened to explore the Bontebok National Park, Swellendam and some of its surrounds (Suurbraak, Tradouw Pass and bits of Barrydale).

Swirling winds brought news of snow-topped mountains, stung our cheeks till they glowed pink and whipped our feet into stamping dances, just to stay warm while admiring the dizzying views from Tradouw Pass. Brandy and wine tasting and Karoo tapas assisted in keeping us nice and toasty, while watching a brave member of our group zipline into the Buffeljags Dam kept spirits soaring.

I also met quite a few super cute fluffy ones.

Here are some snaps…


White-washed little house in Suurbraak. Such a pretty town.

At the Bloublommetjies Kloof Lavender farm.

Joseph Barry 10-year and Lindt. Delish

The park is a botanist's dream - full of all sorts of plant species you wouldn't find anywhere else.

The remains of Kaptein Lang Elsie's stone house in the Bontebok National Park.

And now for all the furry ones…

This girl lives at Umshanti. They kept telling me her name, but of course, I've forgotten it.

This sweet little one is a friendly cat you'll find at Rolandale farm stall just outside Swellendam.

This one also lives at Umshanti.

This one at the Lavender farm... he/she was a bit kwaai. Swiping me and giving me death stares.

These guys live at the Joubert -Tradauw winery.





Karoo poison

Is it weird that I find this skull garden at Sanbona Game Reserve nearby Montagu so aesthetically pleasing? The mounted animal skulls, the flat Karoo earth and the crisp sky… they all just seem to work together.

Interestingly, it forms part of the Gondwana Lodge kiddies’ entertainment program, so there’s really nothing sinister about it… in case you were wondering.

Karoo through the window

I say Karoo, you think what?

Probably long straight roads, hot days, sun beating down on the cracked, barren earth, thirsty sheep and little round shrubberies.

Well, after almost being washed right out of the Mountain Zebra National Park’s campsite this weekend by furious thunder storms, hail and rain beating down, I have come to know a different side of this almost mystical part of our country.

Yet, yet, yet…

It managed to make itself even more magical than ever before.

Even though we had to up and move campsites on Saturday, then brave temperatures shallow in the minus at night, huddle in almost too close for comfort tent enclosures… I have to say it was an invigorating and revitalising experience. My senses were filled and my endless thirst for wildness quenched just a little bit.

Here are some pics

Don't be fooled by the friendly Mario bro clouds. Nadia Krige

Don't be fooled by the friendly Mario bro clouds.

Vellies in the Karoo. Nadia Krige

Vellies in the Karoo.

Mountain Zebras. Cute!

Mountain Zebras. Cute!



Vastness personified.

Vastness personified.

A bicycle repurposed at the Willow Historical Hotel in Willowmore.

A bicycle repurposed at the Willow Historical Hotel in Willowmore.

Rainbow :)

Rainbow 🙂