Thought: Deliberate imperfections

In a Navajo rug there is always one clear imperfection woven into the pattern. And interestingly enough, this is precisely where the Spirit moves in and out of the rug! – Richard Rohr

Known as the “spirit string,” this imperfection is an integral part of the traditional Navajo rug weaver’s art. You see, they believe that during the rug making process – a particularly time-consuming and creatively rigorous one – part of their spirit or soul gets woven in. So, in order to find its way out again, they purposely leave a small piece of yarn sticking out slightly from the surface of the rug. In this way, the soul/spirit can follow this piece of yarn from deep inside the design right to the exit.

Interestingly, it appears that this is not only the practice with rug-making, but also with other pieces of Navajo handiwork. One site explains it like this: “the Navajo believe that only God is perfect and that what humans do cannot be on the same perfect level. Therefore, they will make sure some little imperfection is part of anything they create. Usually, one has to look very close to find the imperfection, so it does not detract from the beauty of the item. On a Navajo rug, it’s the loose piece of yarn. On beaded handiwork, one of the beads might be threaded differently”

And, guess what, this is not only a Navajo tradition, but also common in Islamic art, Persian rugs, Greek sculptures, Amish quilts, Turkish ships, Orthodox Jewish houses and Japanese Zen ceramics.

So, perhaps it’s time we let go of our obsession with perfection, or what?

Just some words

By now you probably know that I am quite a sucker for quirky (some would call them corny) quotes and words of wisdom.

Writing miscellaneous phrases down has probably been a hobby of mine since the very first moment I could form barely legible letters and construct wonky sentences.

Naturally my collection of quotes has spilled over from a variety of bedside books and pocket diaries, to my Pinterest account and blog. Naturally.

So, here are a few of my favourite latest web finds.



Inspiring, no?

Now tell me, do you have any of your own to share?

Happy Weekend


This week was all about being grateful. The little phrase “count your blessings” came up ever so often in conversations, quotes, blogs, and my Facebook feed, forcing me not to ignore it. Obviously it was a message I was meant to hear over and over again this week… and for good reason.

So here are a few things I was grateful for this week:

  • My car broke down on Wednesday, which sucks. But, you know what was amazing? It broke down in our parking lot at work! On the ground floor! While I was feeling very sorry for myself about it for much of Wednesday and Thursday, the immensity of the blessing in disguise suddenly struck me this morning. A mere few hours before the gearbox decided to give in, I was careering around Lion’s Head and Signal Hill for a cell group meeting. It was full moon, so the traffic was hectic. Imagine, just imagine, my car had decided to perform its little drama there. I think I would probably just have pushed it right over that dodgy edge.
  • My big brother. People, I can’t tell you just how many times he has saved my ass from all kinds of things. In his state of man flu, he actually drove all the way down to work to tow my car to the service station in Loop Street. Of course the rope snapped on the way, but he patiently got out, reattached it and calmly explained the situation to the huffy government official stuck behind us. As you know, I am also staying with him and Tamara at the moment until I find a place of my own. They really are life-savers.
  • Family in general, actually. My dad came through to Cape Town on Wednesday to help me search for flats. I had lined up 6 appointments and he trudged around patiently to each one, asking the right grown-up questions I wouldn’t know to ask and collecting the brochures. My mom’s stalwart moral support. And then of course Delish Whiskey Thursday with cousins.
  • Funny and sweet friends who make me laugh whether in person or over the interwebs. I am soooo grateful having to deal with bitchiness isn’t a factor in my life at the moment.
  • All the great coffee and treat places in Cape Town. Deluxe being tops of course, but also had a lovely cuppa from Anthony’s Golden Cup Coffee Shop in Loop street yesterday.
There are obviously many more things to be grateful for, these are just the ones that spring to mind.
Now, one thing I unfortunately can’t be grateful for is the fact that I won’t be watching Tallest Man on Earth aka Kristian Matsson like the rest of the cool Capetonians tonight. But just to make myself feel a bit better, here’s a beautiful video of him singing a song with his wife Amanda Bergman aka Idiot Wind. Look, just look at the way he looks at her! That is LOVE! (Thanks to Kate for posting it to Facebook)

So, on that gooseflesh-giving note, I bid you a happy weekend. One in which you will truly see the blessings of daily life.


Travel Tuesday: Inspiration to Explore


I’ve decided to try out a new regular feature on my blog: Travel Tuesday.

I sort of just decided it on a whim right now, so I’m not sure how it will pan out, but let’s see. Today’s post is leaning to the more abstract side of things, but I think in future I will try sharing some of my own travel experiences, bucket list destinations, cool links to other travel sites… whatever inspires me really. What do you think?

Before the pics, here’s a cool link to check out: Poler’s (the world’s highest standard of travel & camping stuff, apparently) adventure section. There are 7 super cool slide shows, each depicting a different adventure somewhere in the US of A.









Things I want to do this year

Happy new year, friends, family, foes, frenemies, hos, and everyone else too!!!

Now, I know New Year’s resolutions are kind of pasé, what with everyone I’ve spoken to recently being too cool to have any. But, I’m afraid I’m just an old school nerd who likes to live with the illusion of clean slates and crazy conversions.

So here goes… 7 things I want to do this year. In no particular order.

1. Get out more

And by that I don’t mean clubbing… but rather getting out into the open air. I want to go hiking, swimming, rowing, picnic-ing, cycling, walking, rolling, flying, frolicking, diving, dancing and camping wherever the city lights don’t reach… or even where they do.

2. Be better with people’s birthdays & other special occasions

Diets are for losers, eat the cupcakes


Frankly, I’ve been terrible with this all my life. So, let’s blame it on the fact that I’m embarrassingly last minute, ever so slightly scatter-brained, and have a strange phobia of phone calls… but these excuses will end.

This year I want to be a better gift giver, caller, visitor and all round celebrator when my friends’ and family’s special days roll round. So, keep me to it 🙂

3. Chill the eff out

It sucks getting stressed out about things. So I don’t want to anymore.

4. Host at least one party

Beach dinner party

Parties are normally things I quite like attending, but really hate arranging. It’s just not something I ever got into, you know? (kriek kriek) Oh, you don’t… Okay, this is awkward.

Anyway, I’ve had a handful of parties – a surprise 16th breakfast, a rocking 21st in Green Point lighthouse, and a Betty’s Bay 24th with sangria and potjiekos readily spring to mind, but mostly I let special dates slip by with only very minor celebrations to mark them.

While it’s fine for me, I think it’s kind of un-fun. So, I’ve decided… this shall be the year of the shindig. I shall have at least one. And it shall have fairy lights, food, flowers, music, and pretty glasses filled with wine/cocktails/punch/more sangria/beer/G&Ts… whatever you want.

5. Go to Afrika Burn

A photo I stole from Nikola (hope it's okay, bru?!)

Because I want to feel what it feels like to walk around naked in the desert.

Okay, people, I’m not being serious. Come on! I have a hard time hosting parties, do you really see me walking round starkers in Tankwa Karoo?

So, the real reason I want to go is just to experience a long gone way of life… and pretend I’m a real gypsy bartering goods, gliding around in floaty dresses and skirts, watching things burn at night…

6. Spend more time with special people

Too often those most important to me get sidelined when the going gets tough. Not cool, right? So no more, okay.

P.S. The picture contains only young people, but my resolution includes all ages… especially grandparents.

7. Sing more

Now you have to understand, I really have no fantasies about my voice bringing fame and fortune. No, no. Thing is just… I used to sing a lot, just softly to myself or along to songs on the radio or without even thinking as I went about my work… but these days not so much. And I miss it. Besides, my voice has gone all weak and groggy. It needs some exercise.

So, there you go. Achievable enough, right?

Photo credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7