Style Icon: Florence Welch

The epitome of a Celtic beauty with her fiery hair and pale skin.

With her strong facial features, burnt-orange mane, milky skin and willowy body Florence Welch, the enigmatic lead singer of Florence and the Machine, is not exactly what you would call ‘pretty.’

Red carpet pose

But who needs pretty when you’ve got attitude, sex appeal, style and a booming voice to boot?

Festival ready in shorts and a bowler hat

With all the trappings of a legend, it seems as though the 24-year-old is steadily shaping up to become one of the, if not the, definitive rock ‘n roll icon of our generation.

All innocent and sweet

Although I’ve been a fan of her music for a while now, I only really took note of Welch’s wonderfully eclectic style when I spotted her waltzing in at the number 5 position of  Harper’s Bazaar’s list of Top 20 Best Dressed Ladies of 2010 on PopYaCollar’s blog.

Somewhat gothy

Here she joins the ranks of Carey Mulligan, Victoria Beckham, Yasmin LeBon and Alexa Chung (all in the top 5), while easily outshining the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow (number 11), Kate Moss (number 14) and Sienna Miller (number 16).

Glorious in gold on stage

What I love most about her style is the way she manages to seamlessly switch between a whole array of different looks: from her dramatic on-stage persona swathed in drapes and decked out in glittery make-up, to crisp and cool street-style vintage, to straight-forward rock ‘n roll diva and even the occasional flirtation with romantic folk hippie.

And just to illustrate my point, I play out with a few sartorial snaps.

Tea party pretty

Pop art

Hippie folk

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