DIY: Drawing an owl

For incessant doodlers such as myself, being able to draw an owl is of the utmost importance. Mostly because flowers, stars and hearts sort of get a bit old after a while, and also, because sometimes you just need something cute to stare back at you from a blank page when you’re in need of inspiration or a boredom breaker.

So, my very talented graphic designer brother, Imar came up with the perfect owl drawing DIY tutorial. Here it is, for your convenience:

And although I normally like doodelling with a pen on paper, I decided to try my hand at it on the computer instead… and well, it worked out better than I expected, but it’s just not as cute as Imar’s 🙁 (Sense the age old sibling rivalry right now?!)

Check out my scrawny, blotchy little hooting honey:


Style guide: Circus glamour

I absolutely LOVED the whimsical nature of all the outfits worn by the characters in Water for Elephants. Of course, as the romantic lead, it’s only natural that Reese Witherspoon and her elegant ensembles stole the show.

Here, take a look and tell me you don’t like what you see…

Love the soft, green jump suit

My favourite outfit from the movie: high-waisted harem-esque pants, pretty head scarf and brown top tucked in, lots of bangles!

The pretty outfit again...

Very nautical

Elegant in black

Kaftan-like dressing gown. I'd wear it out!

And then just for the heck of it… my favourite still from the movie:

Pics from here.

5 Things I loved about the Royal Wedding

1. The hats

They were crazy, and over the top and nothing I would ever put on my head… but highly entertaining!

2. Harry

Especially Harry in uniform. Yummy.

Apart from being dashing and handsome and oh so eligible, Harry also seemed to be a great support to his brother. Remember that time Wills didn’t watch Kate walk down the aisle, but Harry sneaked a peek and then said something to the groom with a chuckle? Well, the buzz from the bees (i.e. @Enigmeg via @Jezebel via @LaineyGossip on twitter) is that he said: “wait till you see her.” How sweet!

3. The queen looking like a fluffy baby chicken in yellow

4. Kate’s endearing wave

Although you can’t see it clearly in this pic, Kate evidently hasn’t gotten the elegant royal wave down yet. As she was whisked past the crowds she waved in bursts of childlike exuberance, which I thought was quite sweet!

5. This quote from the sermon

“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” – St. Catherine of Siena

Harajuku Lovers Fragrances

Harajuku Lovers Fragrance Range

I’m a real sucker for cute, so you can imagine that my head almost burst when I spotted these adorable fragrance bottles in Clicks’ Christmas cosmetics brochure yesterday. While indisputably cute, the dolly-shaped bottles left me pondering whether those more sophisticated than myself would consider them kitch or cool.

One Google later and I couldn’t care less what the hoity toity might think, as I discovered that Harajuku Lovers is in fact gorgeous Gwen Stefani’s quirky fragrance collection… and, in my mind, anything bearing Gwen’s brand is cool by default.  *sigh of happiness*

Although this discovery sparked a vague recollection about ms. Rossdale’s foray into fragrances, it was the first time I really took note… and boy am I fascinated!

Colourful, fresh and exciting

Colourful, fresh and exciting – an advert for the fragrance collection

The Harajuku Lovers fragrance collection consists of 5 different scents – Love, Lil’ Angel, Music, Baby and G – with collectible figurines to match. The limited edition Summer 2010 range was especially adorable with each sunny cutie sporting sexy swimwear and fresh new fragrance to match.

Limited edition 2010 Summer range of Sunshine Cuties

The fragrance range obviously forms part of Gwen’s clothing and accessories line of the same name, which was launched in 2005. The entire Harajuku Lovers brand was greatly inspired by the eclectic cuteness of Kawaii fashion, an urban Japanese trend cultivated in the streets of Harajuku, and popularised to some extent by Gwen and her four Japanese back-up dancers.

The cute figurines (cuties for short) atop each of the bottles also then represents Gwen and each of the four “Harajuku Girls.”

Intrigued? Why not make your way over to Clicks to check it out for yourself. Love, Lil’ Angel, Music and Baby seem to be going for a special price of R349 for a 30 ml bottle. Might be a bit steep for your own pocket, but ’tis no less the season to be hinting for those little luxuries you can’t afford yourself… no?