If I ever got a tattoo…

Which I won’t, because, firstly, I am really petrified of needles… and the thought of ink in my skin kind of scares me. And secondly I’m far too fickle. I’m pretty damn sure that the things I find AWESOME now are going to seem slightly trivial in a few years’ time. Thank goodness I didn’t get a tattoo during the semi-emo kid phase! HAHAHAHA!!

But if I did ever get a tattoo

1. It would be really small.

From http://www.birdtattoodesigns.com

Or a few really small ones together like the picture above.

2. It would have to be meaningful. Even if it only makes sense to me.

3. It might be an owl.

From http://e-laboy.tumblr.com

They’re cute. And wise. And I’ve always liked owls.

4. It might have something to do with balloons.

From: rhymeswithmaren.blogspot.com

Like this artwork by Banksy. I think it’s quite a popular choice and I can understand why. It’s beautiful and seems to create an impression of freedom and lightness.

5. It might be a tree.

From: http://vladimirowenbuckminster.blogspot.com

I love trees. I think I probably inherited this from my mother. Although the tattoo above is very pretty, it would be cooler if the roots were visible too. As a lover of the bushveld, I think I would most definitely opt for a beautiful baobab. Oh, please excuse the side-boob on the pic.

6. Or maybe it will be a childlike picture I drew myself.

Of course they will need a good deal of refining, but it would be cool to have something of your own making.

So, there you have it… my tattoo choices if I HAD to get inked today.



3 thoughts on “If I ever got a tattoo…

  1. nice post 🙂

    a good friend of mine wrote down an equation she wanted as her tattoo, thinking she’d have to choose a font at the tattoo parlour. The artist said he could do it in her writing, so she went for that & its so rad coz it looks like she wrote it on herself!

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